Find out what you already know, and you will see the way to fly!

 Stepan Pastula, the guide through the inner and outer world.

What do I offer?

Guidance on your journey

What does it mean?

By using coaching methods, mentoring, intensive experiences and personal experience, we will go along to the set and reach your goal. It is your choice which way you want to go, if you wish to enjoy safety of your familiar environment or if you choose places with different culture and ladscape completely unknown to you.

You can choose from following options:

Life coaching

Long or short-term collaboration and individual approach will effectively lead your steps to the selected goal in the safety of your environment.

Guide on the Path

Accompaniment on  the way to selected destinations in connection with coaching and learning.
You will open your eyes and heart to new directions and knowledge with the help of external and internal influences, emotions, coaching and psychotherapeutic methods.

Incentive tours

This is a favorite way to motivate. Stimulatory or experiential tourism serve as an excellent motivation tool for employees or clients. An attractive way to explore cemented blocks and strengthen the team and the individual.

Experiential pedagogy

Programs for the general public, aiming at broadening our awareness of our borders, possibilities and openness to the world. This offer includes lectures, project days and weekend events.

Why choose this way of traveling with me?

Long-term experience

If you want to accompany someone, you need to know the direction. Based on my life experience and open attitude to life, I have learned things that can now also support you on your way to the set goal.

Professional approach

Whether in the safety of our homes or in the environment we are alien to, the cornerstone of the relationship between two people is trust, sincerity and openness. I base my work on an individual approach and tailor the used methods to the client.

I follow the ICF Code of Ethics (International Federation of Coaches).